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Dr. Sally Sherriff, L.Ac, DAOM, MTCM, CTOM

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Holistic Pediatric Care: What are the benefits for your child?

What Is Holistic Pediatric Care?

Holistic medicine, based on ancient healing wisdom, not only treats symptoms, but also addresses why we manifest these symptoms.

We treat each child as a whole, not just treating a disease or just treating symptoms. Our body is constantly maintaining a balance that protects us from dis-ease and helps us to heal ourself. If this balance is disturbed, we get sick. The holistic approach is to restore this balance.

Our children are exposed to many toxins in their food and environment. Playing outside in fresh air, choosing to eat only whole, natural, organic food and to use only natural body care products and cleaning products, will go a long way toward keeping your child healthy and protecting her from dis-ease.

Ten Benefits Of Holistic Pediatric Care

  1. Feeding your child an organic, whole foods-based natural diet reduces exposure to artificial coloring agents, pesticides and preservatives. A high-quality diet will help to prevent health problems like allergies, digestive problems and immune problems.

  2. Treatments based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine are gentle and children look forward to the treatments.

  3. Reducing stress in your child's life will help her to stay healthy. Getting enough rest and exercise? Spending too much time in front of electronic screens? Exercise and outside play can help to lower stress levels, as well as keeping them in shape.

  4. Regular Holistic Pediatric care will support your child to live a long happy, healthy life.

  5. Learn how you can help your child through therapeutic massages and other natural techniques.

  6. If your child should suffer an injury or illness, Shonishin, Pediatric Tuina, Moxa,cupping and natural remedies help her to heal faster.

  7. Natural remedies are easily absorbed, to aid in the healing process.

  8. Natural treatments and products are earth-friendly. They also reduce your family's exposure to toxins.

  9. Preventative care: With holistic pediatric care, treat the source of imbalances and not just the symptoms!

  10. Save your budget by taking an active part in supporting your child's health.

Once you've started to use holistic pediatric care, you'll see an amazing improvement in your child's health, as well as preventing future problems.

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